What is I.N.S.E.

The International Network for Sound in Education (I.N.S.E.), established in 2018, arose from the necessity of teachers, academics and scientists from all over the world to share ideas and discuss the subject of “Sound in Education.” The initial model of this Network came from a national network that has been operating in Greece since 2014. This model connects academic researchers to school communities by opening communication paths between Primary-Secondary Education (Schools) and Higher Education (Universities). The coordinating institution of both networks is the Directory of Primary Education of Messinia.


I.N.S.E. aims to:

~ Develop an international network of scientists working with sound in the realm of education
~ Develop an international network of schools with educational activities related to sound
~ Build an online library of works from scientists related to “Sound Work” addressed in education
~ Publish a scientific journal on “Sound in Education,” in addition to a Scientific Committee and Editorial Board
~ Develop training activities for teachers on subjects related to “Sound in Education.”


Indicative Thematic Fields of I.N.S.E. are:

~ Aural and Acoustic Education
~ Critical Hearing – Anthropology of Education and Sound
~ Disabilities, Sound and Education
~ Education, Hearing and Acoustic Cultures
~ I.C.T., Sound and Education
~ Media, Sound and Education
~ Music, Sound and Education
~ School and Acoustic Environments
~ Sound, Critical Education and Critical Literacy
~ Sound in Teaching Subjects
~ Sound and Acoustic Literacy
~ Sound and Movement in Education
~ Sound and School Activities
~ other related topics.


History and Timeline:

In May of 2018, I.N.S.E. officially began welcoming participants from all over the world via letters and online invitations. This includes the official online presentation/invitation at inse.sch.gr. Contact us if you are interested, by sending an email to inse@sch.gr.

Towards the end of September of 2018, following communications with all of the founding participants over the summer, the first official statutes and framework will be announced. There are plans to organize a “Sound in Education Week” in Kalamata, which will focus on international school-to-school and teacher-to-teacher training and self-developmental communication.

Following this initiative, this Network might organize many further activities. These include: online training, seminars and webinars, conferences and e-conferences, journals, publications and media productions.

I.N.S.E.’s previous work includes taking part in the experience and activities of the “Sound: Environment, Human, Culture” program of the National Scientific Educational Network. Through this project, authorized by the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, more than forty academic staff members from Greek universities were able to connect with Greek schools and teachers. Other projects put forth by this national network include: “Education that Focuses on Sound” and “Transparent Flags: Flags that Indicate Quality Sound Environments.”